NIACA aims to become one of the pioneering cultural/brotherhood organizations in the USA. Established in 2019, the Association caters to the growing needs of the Asian Indian community in cultural, educational and community service areas dedicated to the goal of preserving, promoting and enhancing an understanding of Indian culture and its values among our children and other communities, this Association has grown to become one of the foremost organizations of its kind.


Established in 2019, NIACA is the most contemporary, integrated, secular Indian American Organization in USA.

Our theme is “Family Brotherhood”. NIACA shall connect Indians who have left India and have come to United States for a better life. Most such immigrants do not have their parent’s uncles of brothers / sisters here, they only have fellow Indians who they should connect to and create strong relationship bonds. With these bondsthey shall help each other in need and alsocelebrate together in joyous times. NIACA will be the vehicle to connect them with each other and help them create strong bonds through its various programs.

NIACA believes the centuries old rich Indian culture Knowledge such as from Vedas like YogaAyurveda and spiritualism when combined with the industrialized innovative America’s unmatched strengths shall provide the best chance and platform of human happiness for centuries to come. NIACA shall forward this cause and message to the next generation.

NIACA is committed to supporting new migrants and advancing the needs of established Indian Americans. Our ongoing mission is to support the hopes and aspirations of newly arrived Indians in America, as well as promote active participation in and contribution to a just and multicultural Society

Become a NIACA members - Our membership shall include a wide range of individuals from all walks of life and profession. NIACA is a diverse secular organization.

Our Values shall include

• Cultural respect
• Integrity of Social Cause
• Equal Participation
• Support & Mentoring
• Understanding&Diversity
• Education & Information
• Networking – connecting people to create strong bonds
• Celebration of being Indian American

What NIACA Do For You

Memberships to the Organization offers individuals an opportunity to stay connected to their culture and heritage and have access to important social support resources align with giving people an opportunity to have their families connected to similar minded families.
These are just some of the benefits for our members:
• Promote a two-way process of cultural understanding and friendship between the Indian and mainstream American community.
• Provide support and assistance to newly arrived Indian migrants.
• Lobby and provide representation to Federal, State and Local government bodies on migrant issues, particularly those related to Indian Americans.
• Provide networking and mentoring opportunities for new arrivals with established Indian to help make the transition into their environment successful.
• Organize fundraising activities to support individuals and families in difficult circumstances and to those who are unable to access mainstream social services.
• Offer social activities, special events and cultural entertainment to promote opportunities for friendship and fun,
• Promote Indian culture and heritage through the arts to foster a better cultural understanding amongst non-Indian Americans and second generation Indians.
• Provide members with a regular newsletter to keep up to date with news from both India and America.


• Classical Dance Events
• Classical Music Progams
• Bollywood Dance
• Kids Yoga
• Kids Tennis Camps
• Kids Festival – Everything about Kids


• Sankranti Event
• Holi Milan
• Ed Milan
• Janmashtmi
• Dussera Event
• Diwali Dhamaka
• Christmas Event


• Cooking Competition- Food Festival of India
• Bollywood Karaoke & Orchestra Shows
• Indian Fashion& Glamour Shows
• Dance & Bollywood Singing face offs Face-offs
• Yoga Classes & Yoga Challenges
• Atlanta Indian Literature Fests
• Ghazal &Qawaaali Shows


• Legal Services
• Assistance by the Brotherhood community in emergency situations
• Immigration Assistance
• Divorce & Family Guidance


• TED TALK CONCEPTS with successful Indian Entrepreneur’s
• Startup Showcase + Funding Assistance /Guidance
• Meet & Greet Events – help connect people from same or different professions
• Exhibitions